A virtual private server (VPS) is a type of website hosting in which multiple users share a single server. The user is granted a virtual machine with a RAM allotment on a single server in this sort of website hosting. The purpose of providing a virtual machine is to protect consumers from overconsumption or faults caused by other users on the same server.

So, if you’ve decided to go with a VPS,¬†fox moon hosting¬†is the ideal option. Here are a few things to consider while selecting the best VPS for your project.

Required resources

Your website will use up server resources like fox moon hosting. As a result, you must determine how much of each resource, such as hard disc space, CPU, and RAM, you require. You require additional resources as your project grows in size. If your project gets expected to extend and evolve, you should make decisions that take into account your long-term goals.


You’ll also need extra RAM if you’re going to be running many projects at the same time. For this reason, 4 GB of RAM on a VPS would be ideal. If your projects require a lot of material, you’ll need even more than 4GB.


Because of their numerous cores, Intel’s E5 and E7 Xeon servers with Broadwell or Haswell designs allow easy resource allocation. Even during peak periods, they have proven to be reliable. Multitasking requires a 14nm architecture with a multi-core processor.

Disk drive

Traditional hard disc storage capacity will always be more spacious and less expensive. However, for VPS hosting, a solid-state drive is suggested. They reboot quickly, have a lot of performance, and transfer speed faster than regular drives. The SSDs are significantly reliable during power outages, making them ideal for VPS hosting. Even if the RAM and CPU are fast, the requests must be handled by a storage disc that is likewise fast.

Customer service

Your website should be up and working at all times. You also expect the VPS web hosting business you engaged to be responsive. In the event of an emergency, you’ll need people who are willing to help. If your website starts to have troubles or is being attacked by hackers, you’ll need a professional team to assist you to rebuild or recover it.

There are a lot of hackers out there that are constantly targeting websites for ransom or to steal user information. Fox moon hosting provides the best customer service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The staff can be able to defend your website against such hackers and their attacks, and they well-versed on the subject.

Choosing the best VPS web hosting provider for your project can be challenging at times, especially with so many brands to pick from.


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