The most famous poker game has many variations because of the popularity and large numbers of poker players. Different websites introduced many variations as per customers’ requirements and convenience with time. Other poker variations have a difference in style, length, and complexity. From the viewpoint of many experienced and professional poker players, there are five main types of poker played worldwide.

These are

Texas hold’em

This form of poker is best for the ne player who wants to try poker. Because it is the simplest and classic form of poker, which is simple and easy to learn, this game has different stages like a pre-flop, the flop, the – turn, and the river. In this game, different amounts of bets are placed after each step given above, and the goal of the game is to have the hand with the best of five-card poker.


In the Omaha variant of poker, there is a little twist. In this variant, the players get four hole cards in the place of two and can use only two cards with another three community cards. Omaha poker game has the five community cards with turn, flop and river, and remaining all the process is same as Texas hold’em. This is the most played version in Australia, Canada, and New York. Also available on an amazing online casino website .

Seven-card stud

The third variation is the seven-card stud; this is the oldest and standard version of the poker game; that was famous before coming Texas hold’em, but after coming Texas Holdem, this variation lost his p[popularity . . In this variation of poker game, the player’s counting is from 2 to 8, and flop or community cards are absent. The seven-card stud game starts with two faces cards and faces up the third card.

Five-card draw

This variation requires a little big concept of strategy. The customers have to deal with cards. And the aim is to have the hand of the best five cards. In the first betting round, every player is dealt with five cards and places bets according to their affordance. After placing a chance, the customer can exchange up to 3 cards and reach the next betting round. This process continues to the end of the match.

High low Chicago

This form of poker is an upgraded version of the seven-card stud. The high low Chicago game is about the highest and the lowest hand. This is the only version of poker in which two winners can be made. The player with the highest hand wins the half pot prize, and the player with the lowest hand wins the remaining half pot.


Poker is a game of destiny, so the customer must remember that he should always play it as a game, not to win the jackpot, But can hope for the prize. Before stepping into the poker, game customer must have an equation that decides how he will play and how much loss he can afford. Sometimes customers are not strict about their budget or affordance, which can make a big problem for them.


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