As technology has evolved day by day, so does the way of gambling. Online casinos and online gambling are famous now a day among people. Today, online gambling has been in high demand due to customers’ convincing and fast services. The reason is simple Online sites provide the best services and a lot of joy. Moreover, these sites offer people a valuable opportunity to win. The main reason popularity of online casino sites is their bonuses.OXI casino and some other sites offer a lot of bonuses and rewards.

Welcome bonus or sign up bonus

You will get a signup bonus when you sign up at online casino sites. A signup bonus is also known as a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus is an excellent way to start the game. When you create your account the first time, you will get it. This type of bonus is online available for new players or first-time users. After that, you will get it differently, like a scratch card or directly into your wallet.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is also known as a reload bonus. You will get this bonus when you deposit some money in your casino wallet. You will get 5% to 20% of your deposit the first time. Some online sites provide more cash on a significant deposit. The first time it is higher, but it is small low on the second day. This is a small part of your deposit that you provide by the company. Some online transition sites provide extra coupons when we add some money.

Free spin bonus

This type of bonus is given to new players and old ones. If a new player doesn’t have to deposit any cash in his wallet, he will take a spin bonus. After creating an account, you will get spins. Spins are like a slot machine. A small amount of ten, twenty, or more is replaced on a spin. From the spins, you get daily a bonus reward. It is not a way to get rich, but it helps you give back from losses.

Cashback bonus

The cashback bonus attracts the majority of players. The casino gives the players a part of their money as cashback. Cashback is provided as a wallet balance that you use again at the online game. The money you received as a cashback is a way to compensate you for your losses. The main part of the sites grants this bonus to those customers who play games daily.

While these bonuses, there are also a payment method bonus, no deposit bonus, or loyalty bonus. These are the most common casino bonus types from the OXI Casino. You will get a lot of money that helps you play with all the bonuses. Apart from bonuses, there are also different types of levels provided by the game. This level knows as the gold level, diamond level, and silver level. So you can play according to your choice which you want.


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