With the recent boom in people interested in the stock market and forex trading, more and more brokers have come up with online broking web apps and mobile apps. Every broker tries to offer a welcome bonus and make other alluring offers to register with them. Many of these brokers are nothing but shady fraudsters who try to compel you to make initial deposits and never return the money to you.

But several genuine brokerage applications are also getting affected due to the unethical ones, so people cannot easily trust the stock market and trading practice. 500pips is one such platform that provides genuine services to its clients but got affected by the scammers. However, 500pips made several changes that took it back to the top and away from the crowd.

The Impressive Features Of 500pips Make It A Good CFD Broker 

  • 500pips is a transparent broking platform, and to justify this, they have mentioned all of their asset’s details on a dedicated web page on their website. This way, the company wants to create a sense of legitimacy and want its clients to be sure of its funds.
  • The customer support system is not limited to support in case of emergency or any faulty situation, but there is an extended support system. You will get personalized one-to-one experts and VIP support executives who would guide you in creating a diversified portfolio and maintaining the same for booking significant profits.
  • Various reviews call 500pips scam for hidden charges, but you need to know that there are no such hidden charges. But novices unfamiliar with the brokerage and other tax and similar charges call it hidden charge until they realize what it is.
  • Leverage is available for clients at a minimal daily fee, making it much affordable for everyone to use the leverage fund and make more significant trades on a limited budget.
  • Modern trading equipment includes feed charts, graphs, tools, and other menu items, making your task easy, convenient, and simple for a beginner to understand.

More Whys To Join 500pips And Enjoy Maximum Potential

At 500pips, you can trade in commodities, indices, stocks, forex and cryptocurrency as well. You will not find many brokers out in the market who covers all these products under one platform, and, therefore, it is the right choice for professionals who trade in various products.

Crypto-trading on 500pips allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrency shares like bitcoin without actually owning them. This is an advanced feature used by many investors who do or do not actually own the cryptocurrency but trade in it and make money by trading.

But before you register on the platform, we would advise you to personally go through the public reviews about the web app and make it clear for yourself whether 500pips scam stories are true or just a hoax to take the platform down. Once going through people’s reviews, it would be easier for you to decide whether you should start trading with 500pips or not.


Jessica is the marketing manager from Sri-lanka. She has done many marketing stunts in her career for many products. She also administered our application and site and gave the best review to us.